10 Awesome Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Recipes You Can’t Miss!

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Yogurt and Greek Yogurt recipes are great to use as an ingredient for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, too! If you’re looking for more easy breakfast ideas check out these breakfast ideas as well!

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10 Awesome Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Recipes You Can’t Miss!

AE Dairy is my favorite dairy brand and I love using their products for cooking and baking. I was thrilled when they asked me to work with them on making a roundup of awesome recipes made with yogurt and Greek yogurt! 

I sincerely love yogurt and, like I said, I absolutely adore yogurt for cooking and baking…but also as a healthy snack. Not only is everything more moist when you use yogurt, but it gives some “umph” to every recipe that I use it in, and the flavor it brings to the table (literally!) is so scrumptious! Plus, using Greek yogurt as a part of your diet gives you twice as much protein as regular yogurt with less sugar—which may be the reason you’re here, and you’re in the right spot.

Every part of my being also feels better when I use yogurt in recipes, especially those that I make for our kiddos. They are huge yogurt lovers too, which I adore about them. You know yogurt is good for you when doctors recommend adding it to your daily diet because of the many benefits: protein, vitamin D, calcium and probiotics, to name a few.

My absolute favorite recipe (using my FAVORITE brand of yogurt, AE Dairy, because of its great taste and “AE Dairy Ridiculously High Standards”) is this Strawberry fruit dip. It’s simply delicious! And yes, I do occasionally allow my kids to eat it with a spoon, as long as they eat the fruit that I serve with it at some point. It’s that good!

strawberry dessert recipes ingredients

In this fluffy fruit dip recipe -strawberry & cheesecake flavors meld together - I wanted to east this with a SPOON! My kids loved it - PERFECT to go with fruit!!!

You can see the full Strawberry Dip recipe here, but I also put together a video so you can see just how easy it is:

And, as promised, here are more AMAZING recipes made with yogurt and Greek yogurt.

Pumpkin Bran Muffins

pumpkin bran muffins

Farm Fresh Eats Cream Cheese Toffee Dip for Fruit


All She Cooks Chocolate Chip Yogurt Parfait


See Mom Click Egg Salad Made with Greek Yogurt


Thrifty Jinxy Cinnamon Yogurt Streusel Muffins

cinnamon streusel yogurt muffins recipe

An Italian in My Kitchen Easy Yogurt Cake

easy yogurt cake

And one for the Kiddos! Wheel ‘n Deal Mama Easy Rainbow Parfait


Make the Best of Everything Crispy Baked Greek Yogurt Ranch Chicken


Almost Supermom Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Bars

honey nut cheerios cereal bars with yogurt


Find AE Dairy yogurt and Greek yogurt in Iowa, Kansas City area, Kansas and Illinois and discover more fun recipes here: AE Dairy Recipes. Make sure to follow #AEDairy on Facebook.

Check out these 10 yogurt recipes - healthy, moist and AMAZING! I've already made two of them and have the rainbow one on the menu for the kids next week - SO EXCITED! #spon

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