Window Shutter Picture Prints

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Looking for an inexpensive way to fill a big wall in a room in your house? I made these window shutter picture prints years ago and I still love them, in fact I am still using them in our daughter’s room now. I originally made them three years ago for a big wall in our old home in her bedroom that needed some neat pieces.

The room was small, but the wall was big, in fact it may have been the biggest wall out of all of the bedroom walls in our house without a window or door to split it up.

So, when I came across some old shutters on a local swap site, I pounced on them for $5 each, and they became my inspiration for this do-it-yourself window shutter picture art!

First I picked up a can of spray paint to paint the shutters. I wanted them to look “antiqued” which they did since all of the paint didn’t take to the shutters. If you do not want your shutters to look antiqued, make sure to sand off the stain before painting them.


Next, I took advantage of the 50% off poster sale that was having around that time. See if there are any current Walgreens Poster Print sales right now here. Each 16×20 poster was only $8!

When I got the posters home, some quick math was done and I needed to trim a little on the sides, top and bottom of the posters to fit, but otherwise, they were perfect. I drew on the back of the paster to know where to cut and I cut 1-inch strips with my paper cutter after measuring the slats on the shutters. I recommend this one here, it works like a charm.



Next, I glued the backs of the posters and adhered them to the shutters with Elmer’s Glue and hung those puppies on the wall! Don’t they look nice for $13 a piece?!


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