How to Save Money at the Gym

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Wondering how to save money at the gym? I’ve rounded up ten ways that you can save some money. Even if you save $50, that’s an extra date night out!

how to save money at the gym

How to Save Money at the Gym

Knowing how to save money at the gym is going to be key in staying fit and in keeping your budget in check. Below you’ll see that I’ve come up with my top ten ways on how to save money at the gym to save money on your workouts. I hope each of them work for you and you find the one trick that helps you save big bucks every year.

1. Plan ahead.

If you’re going to be away for an extended amount of time, ask if you can freeze your gym membership. A lot of gyms offer this, and you don’t know unless you ask. By an extended amount of time, it’s generally considered over a month. If you can save that $50-$75, you can afford one more dinner out on vacation, right?

2. Give it a test run.

There’s no sense in joining a gym you don’t enjoy. Many gyms offer a trial run of sorts, for example, the 24 hour fitness 3 day pass allows you to try out the local 24 Hour Fitness for 3 days. And, every once in awhile you’ll even see a 24 hour fitness 7 day pass. This is a great way to be sure you’re not wasting big bucks on a gym you won’t enjoy going to.

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3. Try out personal training.

Personal trainers also mostly work within the same guidelines. Ask if there’s a trial period where you can try them out, by all means do it – again, there’s no sense in paying upfront for something that you wouldn’t have paid for in the beginning.

4. Ask for payment options.

Never just assume that you have to pay what they’re asking. Although your local gym isn’t a garage sale and shouldn’t be treated as such, you still have options and the gyms know that. Let them know you’re interested, but be sure to ask about discounts or upcoming promotions.

5. Ask for discounts.

Always, always, always ask if you missed any coupons. Ask this everywhere you go to save big dollars. There is almost always a discount that you missed, and 99.9% of the time, they’re going to give you the discount. But, if you don’t ask, don’t expect to be offered a break.

6. Tell what you do.

Are you a police officer, member of a credit union or a college student? Chances are that you qualify for a monthly discount on your membership. Let them know anything you belong to as that may spark a reminder for the enrollment person to get you that 5,10 or 20% discount, which can add up to over $200 annual savings – huge, right?

7. Never automatically pay the enrollment fee.

Because 9 times out of ten, it’s negotiable as well.

8. Pay Per Visit.

Inquire if the gym that you’re looking at joining offers a pay per visit option. This is a great option for folks who travel a lot, or those with kids that know that the daily gym visit just isn’t going to happen.

9. Recruit your friends.

If you’re thinking that personal training is indeed for you, see if the gym is willing to work out a group rate. Even if there’s a $10 discount per month, that’s still $120 per year. That’s a few nice steak dinners or a whole new workout outfit! Or, better yet, like getting one or two months of your gym membership for free!

10. Pay in Full.

A lot of businesses love to be paid upfront and will offer a discount when you do so. It sure doesn’t hurt to ask!

I’d love to hear how you’ve been able to save money at the gym! Please sound off in the comments below if you have a tip that I haven’t mentioned above!

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Knowing how to save money at the gym is going to be key in keeping fit and in keeping your budget in check. Use your weekly budget and your monthly budget for things you really want to pay for with these ten tried and true tips.


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