Hot Ham and Cheese Rolls (Perfect Kids Meal!)

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These hot ham and cheese rolls are simply amazing. You’ll love the buttery crispy top and bottom – so good and great to serve as a kids meal on busy night (shhh, don’t tell that the adults love these too!)


Hot Ham and Cheese Rolls (Perfect Kids Meal!)

Are you looking for the perfect quick and easy dinner that kids love? This is a slam dunk at our house and with as easy as this dinner is, you’ll be tempted to make it on your busiest nights. I love that these ham and cheese rolls go with everything, too. The night that I took these pictures and documented this recipe it was a busy night before our daughter headed off to kids activities at our church and right after conferences, so I had just about an hour to get the whole family fed and everything picked up – and of course I got it all done, because this easy dinner rocks!

I do have to admit though that it’s not the healthiest and it’s not complex. I’ve seen these dinner roll sliders recipes with ingredients including everything under the moon and sun. My family is pretty plain. While my palate flourishes when there are several flavors my family turns up their nose and I end up wasting $6 worth of food. So this one is easy and it’s simple. I served it with an apple and corn to make it feel a little healthier and my family oooed and aaahhhed over it. Huge win in my book!

Here’s how to make these hot ham and cheese rolls:

Cut one row of three rolls off of the 12-ct pack of rolls to make for 9 sandwiches. This is really to fit the rolls in your pan.

Cut the rolls in half to make tops of sandwiches and bottoms of sandwiches separate. ham-sandwich-ideas

Layer ham and cheese on top of bottom halves of rolls and place top back on the rolls.


Put into dish. If your dish is big enough to handle all 12 rolls and you have enough ham and cheese, I say go for it. You can never have too many of these ham and cheese sliders.


Melt butter in microwave and pour over sandwiches. This is where you’d also add in your mustard if your family likes mustard. Use a basting brush like this one to rub the butter mixture on the top of the rolls too. It’s going to make them crusty on top as well on the bottom – that’s the secret!


Place your rolls in a 350 degree preheated oven and bake uncovered for 20 minutes. Use a knife to cut the ham and sandwiches apart. You’ll want to serve these while they’re warm and gooey… YUM!

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Hot Ham and Cheese Rolls (Perfect Kids Meal!)
Recipe type: Dinner
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 9 sandwiches
These Hot Ham and Cheese Rolls make the Perfect Kids Meal! But adults will love them too!
  • 9 Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
  • 4 slices American Cheese (from the deli counter if possible)
  • 12 slices ham cheese
  • ½ stick butter (1/4 cup)
  • (1 tsp dijon mustard - optional)
  1. Cut rolls in half making a top and bottom piece
  2. Layer ham and then cheese
  3. Place in baking dish
  4. Melt butter and drizzle over rolls (add in dijon mustard if using)
  5. Bake in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes
  6. Cut to make into sandwiches
  7. Enjoy!


These ham and cheese Hawaiian rolls sliders ... sandwich recipes aren't made like this! Kids and adults both love these and they're perfect if you're on the hunt for busy night dinner ideas. We LOVE these!


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    This looks delicious! We have a sandwich maker at home, but I never thought of putting rolls in the oven.

    I have just put some rolls on my shopping list so will try this out this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing!

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