18 Awesome & Easy Camping Breakfast Recipes

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Camping is a great way to build a relationship with your family and kids – something that’s fun and focuses on the outdoors. I’m a lover of my bed and my comfy mattress, but I love campfire food. With the summer coming around soon and camping season kicking off, I thought I’d make a resource for some easy camping breakfast recipes that you can make on your next camping trip. If you’re staying at home this weekend though, don’t miss these easy breakfast ideas.

This post has 18 easy camping breakfast recipes that you'll want to try for your camping menu!

Heading out camping soon? These camping food recipes - breakfast (kids will love!) are so neat! Cinnamon rolls to make while camping and more. Yum!

18 Awesome & Easy Camping Breakfast Recipes

Now, onto these delicious recipes to make over a campfire.

Campfire Breakfast Burgers: Ummm, hello…. can we talk about a goooood morning with these to wake up to? Yum!


Three Cheese Potatoes: These potatoes look absolutely stunning and would make a fantastic side dish to some bacon or ham – fantastic.

Blueberry Orange Muffins: Is there any better combo than orange and blueberry flavors melded together? And, then cooked over a fire so everything just comes together? Don’t think so. Try these campfire blueberry orange muffins on your next camping trip and everyone will be marveling at your genius idea.



Paper Bags Egg Classic: Who would have thought that paper bags could be used over a campfire to make bacon and eggs? It’s true, it can, and the recipe can be found over at Real Family Camping. How fantastic are these?

Mountain Man Breakfast: This would be the favorite breakfast of any man on the planet! And, the ladies, too – yum!

mountain man breakfast
The Chow has this Toad in the Hole camping breakfast recipe that’s flown all over the internet when discussing campfire breakfast recipes and you can see why here!

Foil Packet Blueberry Breakfast Bake: Who wouldn’t love a smoky campfire, blueberry breakfast bake? No one! This would be so much fun to make with the kids.

blueberry breakfast bake
Cinnamon Biscuit on a Stick: Did I just make your mouth water? Mine is too – how fun is this?

Stuffed Hashbrowns: OK, hello. Can we say dreamy? These stuffed hashbrowns are stuffed with green onions, cheddar cheese, sour cream – and the list goes on… amazing!

stuffed hashbrowns

Pie Iron Breakfast: Sausage, cheese, eggs in a toasted sandwich. Are you dreaming? Nope. It’s for real. Check this out over on Mustard Seeds blog.

pie iron breakfast

Deep Dish Breakfast Pizza over a Campfire Just check out the picture below, need I say more? There are green peppers, sausage, eggs and cheese. It’s like the perfect storm, right?

deep dish breakfast

Camp Food Cinnamon Buns over the Campfire: To make these, you’re literally going to put a cinnamon roll inside of an empty orange shell. And then, bake it over the campfire… that’s it – awesome, and again, so much for for kids when camping!

Campfire Bacon… Ok, is this fun for camping or what? There’s not a person on the earth that wouldn’t love this. Unless they don’t like bacon… and then they’re not really human, right?  😉

Omelets in a bag have been around for quite some time and allow family members to make their own flavors adding what they like. Perfect if you have picky eaters that will enjoy making they’re own breakfast.

I’d be amiss to not mention breakfast burritos on a easy campfire breakfast recipes post, right? dd these to your menu and you’ll be so excited!

Instant Oatmeal over a campfire? BOOM! Now we’re talkin’!

Monkey Bread Campfire Treat: Who doesn’t love dessert for breakfast? Because, that’s what Monkey Bread really is. Learn how to make monkey bread over the campfire in this recipe from Camping with Us.

I featured the Mustard Seeds blog recipe above, but here’s another fantastic breakfast recipe to make over a campfire. This Strawberry and Nutella Pie Iron recipe looks amazing! And, it gets some fruit into your campfire breakfast recipe.

If you’re a camper and you have another recipe that you love to make while you’re camping…. please leave them in the comments – I’m set on making some of these with the kiddos this summer, too!


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