The bObsweep PetHair Vacuum Has Saved This Busy Moms Life!

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Well, not literally, but … now that I think about it, quite possibly so. You see, with two kids, an amazing hubby things get kinda’ messy on the floors around my home. But then… then, you add in this lovely white, furry, hairy, lovable American Eskimo that we call Lucy… things get really messy. I would constantly find hairballs floating around our hardwood floors. And it wasn’t something that would build up per sé. It was an instant – I vacuum, there’s floating hair. You guys… I’m clean. I swear we’re a clean family. But Lucy’s hair along with grass clippings, and crumbs and, and, and. It was driving me absolutely insane.


Then my life changed. My world was turned upside down. After the folks over at Bob’s “old home” bObsweep headquarters heard me (complaining) about needing to vacuum up “lucy willows” as we call them in the Sorensen household they sent Bob to my rescue.

Here are the top five reasons I LOVE MY Bob (see bObsweep here on Amazon).

  1. Bob will eat things that are on the floor
  2. Bob vacuums rugs
  3. Bob sweeps
  4. Bob mops
  5. Bob is loved
  6. If Bob ever dies I’m going down with him


Because it’s normal (remember, we’re normal – clean – people?) I’ll start with number one. I have a nine year old and a five year old who have toys. And while I’m all for toys, and books, and paper, and coloring, and LEGOs and movies, and blankets and 89 different pair of shoes… I am not all for these things being left on the floor. The first time that I turned Bob on, I mentioned that Bob will eat anything on the floor and my house has been picked up since the day Bob blessed me with his presence. It’s nothing short of magical. If this isn’t the best thing in the world for a busy mom, I just don’t know what is.  🙂

I feel like I need to say before moving on… when you see these pictures, remember – as a rule, we are clean, normal people just living our lives. Promise. We don’t go weeks without cleaning, Bob is just that good… and this is after one 60 minute cleaning – here’s what was in the filter – I kid you not. Gross, right?


And what I threw away when I emptied the bin from Bob —



#2) Bob vacuums rugs. I was very skeptical that Bob would be able to glide through my home. I’m a rug person. I have rugs all over the place, but that’s probably because our whole entire main level is almost hard floors. Bob went around, over and even vacuumed all of my rugs. He got all of the dust and junk off of them and left them awesomely clean.



#3) Bob sweeps. And he sweeps in an intentional way. Seriously this machine is just that – a flipping vacuuming machine. On each charge he runs for 45 minutes to 60 minutes and cleans just about my whole main level. It’s mind-blowing and earth-shattering how much stress this relieves off my shoulders and I love him for this.


#4) Bob even mops! So not only does Bob vacuum, but he mops with the pads that are provided and they’re reusable. Put water on them, or the cleaning solution that you prefer and you’re good to go – simply amazing I tell you!


#5) Bob is so ridiculously loved around here I can’t even help myself. If point number one (yes, I scare my kids with crazy stories to get them to clean… what good mom doesn’t 😉  ) doesn’t do it for you on why you need Bob in your life, just imagine Bob vacuuming while you’re cooking, or cleaning or (gasp!) reading a book. For real folks, it’s happening in a home near you – The Jetson Era is here and I’m living in it – WOOHOO!


#6) The bottom line is this. Bob will die someday (but he had a kickin’ warranty – sweet!) And when he bites the dust, I’ll be buying his upcoming sibling because I love him so, so dearly. I hope to never have to live without a bObsweep PetHair Robotic Vacuum in my life again.


** Bob will take some time getting used to your home, rug corners, furniture, etc. The first few times that Bob cleaned for me I had to move him around a bit and fix errors that would pop up on his screen. And, I also left a pair of flip flops on the floor right in his path of awesomeness. It didn’t end well. The flip flops did live to see another day – although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend leaving items on the floor that are easily mistaken as something to sweep up. And my initial point is to be sure to babysit Bob for his first few cleanings. He’s your guest until he feels at home and you’ll want to treat him just as that. But now, he’s a seasoned pro.


** Don’t be me and read the manual. This is what you should always do, but type A people don’t do that usually — and I’m your type A model if there is one. I learned so much when I opened that thing it was like Bob was a whole new world and I felt bad for handicapping him as much as I did – we’re on a whole new level now that I understand his feelings (settings) better. For example, he was erring out and I figured it was because our carpet was too long and I was kinda bummed out that he wouldn’t clean the carpets. BUT, when I read a little more of hi bio (his manual) I realized that he can sometimes think that dark carpet is a corner and there’s ways to get around that – duh! See, don’t be like me when Bob’s sister shows up at your house. Just read the manual — it’s worth it, I promise.  😀

Thanks to bObsweep for sending me my new companion and newest best friend so I could share my unbiased bObsweep review and thoughts — I absolutely adore him. 


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