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I love to work with businesses and would be honored to help your business grow. There are many ways we can work together and below are the services I offer:

Social Media Content Package

Let Facebook be an extension of your office, an extra location, per sé. Reach hundreds, if not thousands of people every week that you may not have had the time to personally talk to in person with a structured social media campaign. We will help you manage your social media content to be sure that you are in front of the people that matter for your business. Through getting to know your business, we’ll be able to deliver the message that you want to get across to your existing and potential clients.

** I also work with Twitter and Pinterest. Ask me about details.

*Client to supply all images, special graphics, and video.


Want to reach tens of thousands of value-conscious women? Then look no further. Coupon Cravings is PR-friendly and eager to work with relevant brands and services, helping drive buzz among online moms by way of integrated marketing campaigns, which may include ads, product reviews, giveaways, tweets, content and more. Read on to see what I can offer.

I make several spots on my blog available to companies who want to reach my ever-growing audience of moms, including multiple 125 x 125 ads, as well as 300 x 250 ad spots, both on the right-hand column. I offer weekly, monthly and quarterly rates, so feel free to drop me a note to discuss how we can work together.

For fellow bloggers, I offer discounted ad rates and make available several 125 x 125 ads on the left-hand column.

Product Reviews

If you have a product that would fit well on Coupon Cravings and is geared toward value-conscious women and moms, then please do send me a note. I am happy to discuss product reviews and how we could work together to take an integrated marketing approach toward building excitement for your products.


I receive many requests to host giveaways on Coupon Cravings. Of course I can’t do all of them, but I do like to give my readers fun opportunities to win sought-after prizes. If you have just such a prize, please reach out to me with a proposal.


I have more than 20,000 Twitter followers and that number is constantly growing. Let’s talk to see if there is a way that I can tweet about your brand, product or service in a way that makes sense for both of us.


While I don’t offer a lot of sponsored content, I am interested in speaking with agencies and companies that have content that would resonate with my readers.

Feel free to drop me a note via email at I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your upcoming campaigns.