Adding the Skywalker Trampoline Double Basketball Hoop is a Huge Hit!

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We’re in the thick of the Fall here in Iowa … it’s the time of the year where one day the high temperature is 55 degrees and the next day we’re whipping the shorts and tees out to stand up to the high of 83 degrees. So, finding fun things for the kids to do is a bit of a challenge. We’re not quite ready to hunker down and pull out the board games yet, but the Slip ‘n Slide is also out of the question.



I was thrilled when the folks over at Skywalker Trampolines wanted to work together on a review of their brand new Skywalker Trampolines Double Basketball Hoop. This toy is legit. Our 9 year old loves to play basketball and we’ve been lucky enough to find him a fantastic team to play on but sometimes it’s just fun to bounce around and be a kid.




And this trampoline basketball hoop lets him do just that.

Does a 9 year old boy ask his mom if his friend can come over and play a game too often? No, they don’t. But I’d have to use both hands to tell you the amount of times he’s asked friends to come over and play on the trampoline hoop (which all moms LOVE to hear, right?!)



So, before I get too much into the fun part of the trampoline basketball net, I want to be sure to explain how it works. Once you’ve placed your order and receive your trampoline basketball goal, you’ll simply slide the pieces together to make a goal shape. The net will slide onto the basketball goal poles. Two people will use a ladder to get to the top of the trampoline enclosure poles to place it on top. I was able to walk along the edge and hold up the hoop while my husband climbed to the top of the ladder and placed the poles together.



Securing the basketball hoops to the net is next and then you simply connect the back of the basketball hoop net to the safety enclosure net with the provided ties. And, in case you’re wondering, the basketball hoops really, really stick to the basketball hoop net so there’s not much of a chance they’re going to come off. Unless, I suppose if the boys hung on them and then they would peel off and be reapplied with the velcro.  But with normal play they’re going to be flexible allowing them to “jump and dunk”.



Wait… did you just hear that? “Jump and dunk”? These are the two words that any boy absolutely loves to hear. And I am so happy that this trampoline double basketball hoop lets my kiddos do that.

If you’re on the fence on whether or not to pick up this trampoline hoop, do it – you will not regret it. Hours and hours of fun is what I’m anticipating my kids to have from this. Choose from the 15 foot size or the 12 foot size – either one you’re going to win.

One more awesome thing to note. Not only does our nine year old love this toy, so does our daughter. How much more fun can a kid have than to jump and dunk on a trampoline? You won’t regret this purchase and there’s a big reason that it made it into my gift guide this year. It encourages the kids to be active, take turns and play like kids should … and it requires zero batteries or USB cords. Score!

Where to get your Skywalker Trampoline Double Basketball Hoop:

Amazon HERE

Sam’s Club HERE

Wayfair HERE

Kohl’s HERE

Houzz HERE

Hayneedle HERE

I was provided the Skywalker Trampoline Double Basketball Hoop at no charge to facilitate my review but all of these opinions are my own. I stinkin’ love the thing!! 


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